The Current year is 7 ABY

In a blistering attack Admiral Ackbar and the New Republic Forces have begun their assault upon the Core worlds with Coruscant as their final objective. The Empire have retaliated with a terrifying show of force even going so far as to unleash their devastating Super Star Destroyers against the attackers.
Liberty stands upon a knife edge, will the Legendary Admiral succeed or will the Empire deal the death blow it has been seeking for so many years?

Where there is strife and turmoil there are credits to be made and whispers in the criminal underworld tell of a shadowy organization controlled by the illusive and unforgiving Red Queen. Her lust for riches knowns no bounds and already she has made powerful and deadly enemies.
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New Year Resolutions

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New Year Resolutions

Post  Morlenoth on 3rd January 2013, 14:02

Alright, gentlemen...and ladies...

Not sure if the Admin fellows have been discussing it in their private forums (always good to assume they are plotting something), but thought I might as well inform the lot of us that we can plan just as well...if not better, than the lot in the ivory tower.

We are at six ABY. So I am naturally expecting the Rebels are getting their act together in planning their pushes for Denon, Borleias while avoiding Anaxes in their slow march towards Imperial Center.

I am commencing plans to fortify the Empire behind a more reasonable central government to take charge of the Deep Core, Core and perhaps even the Colonies as the center of our geographical activity, leaving Laz boy to take care of the Warlords activities elsewhere in the lands beyond the Colonies.

Naturally you lot goody two shoes would prefer us to just lie down and let you into victory, so we can all go home and stop RPing...

Who am I kidding. Sal boy brought me in to cause as much ruckus and hell for the lot of ye, and I am planning to meeting his expectations. Once the Empire is secure, I will continue the attack on the Bothan sector using my actual character...T_T

Having said that, concessions can be made, accomodations can be given, if asked. You need an Imp, we are your meeps. Laz for the Warlords, me for the government forces. Messages will be appreciated rather than you expecting us to hop in at the right time. Not asking for a full detail as to your plan, but at least a base expectations of objectives met before the end of the thread. We can negotiate the details later or through the RP.

Know that I can be very accomodating, if you are willing to work for the concessions and pay the right price for my assistance. I look forward to working with you all this coming year into creating a grand narrative for our mutual enjoyment.


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