The Current year is 7 ABY

In a blistering attack Admiral Ackbar and the New Republic Forces have begun their assault upon the Core worlds with Coruscant as their final objective. The Empire have retaliated with a terrifying show of force even going so far as to unleash their devastating Super Star Destroyers against the attackers.
Liberty stands upon a knife edge, will the Legendary Admiral succeed or will the Empire deal the death blow it has been seeking for so many years?

Where there is strife and turmoil there are credits to be made and whispers in the criminal underworld tell of a shadowy organization controlled by the illusive and unforgiving Red Queen. Her lust for riches knowns no bounds and already she has made powerful and deadly enemies.
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Pod Race KerBoomeee!

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Pod Race KerBoomeee!

Post  Arya Cognito on 20th December 2012, 19:12

_Pre-Battle of Yavin Era_
_Political Climate: The Hutt Syndicate is not taking any particular side as the Galactic Civil War between the Members of the Galactic Empire and the Rebel Alliance Against the Imperial System. _

The Hutt Syndicate is still the leader in the entertainment sector. They are still sole proprietors of the Galactic Pod Racing Circuit that takes racers from the starting planet of Tatooine through to: Hapes, Telos, Naboo, Cato Neimoidia, Corellia, Abregado-Rae, Kamino, Geonosis and ending in the Sky courses of Coruscant.

A narrowed down pack of 10 Galactic Circuit Pod Racers (originally 25) wail and clank together as they fight their way through the narrow corners of the Coruscant Street Course. Neon lit cages and pylons are set up to keep the racers on track and on their toes. The cages test their ability to deal with spaces that get smaller as they fly through them. The cages lead into main drags where the track turns into sharp 90* downward or upward helix patterns that the racers must follow. If a racer leaves the bounds of the pylons, your pod is shocked and spun out by the miniature tractor beam tech within the pylons. The shock of the pylons has been known to overload, then disable unprotected pods. The pros on the circuit know well the effects of the pylons and have installed shock guards to their engines and cockpits. Perfection and caution in the races is a must in order to survive.

As the race progressed, A three way battle is taking place between Malos Tiko of Cato Neimoidia, Darius Flynt of Telos and Mena Karasha of Nal Hutta, all fighting for the lead. Sparks are bouncing off of each racer's vehicle as they trade paint and jabs around the sharpest corners and helix drops/rises in the galactic circuit. Audience members sitting in the boxes at the Coruscant Spaceport range from the everyday avid podracing fan to some of the most elite individuals in the galaxy. Arya, a young businesswoman of 36 and her 14 year old daughter, Athena, sat in one of the boxes anxiously watching the three way battle. They had been a vested interest in Malos Tiko, a zabraki pro, that was sponsored by Cognito Munitions, Inc among other sponsors.

As the racers reached the final stretch, a barrage of rockets rained down upon the circuit and audience boxes. The top three racers were instantly obliterated along with more than half of the spectators within the finish line zone. Arya watched in sheer terror as the boxes around her erupted into flames. Her eyes bulged suddenly followed by a shrill cry of agony as she saw the charred body of her beloved daughter lying lifelessly splayed across multiple seats. Arya frantically shook her daughter as if shaking her would bring her back. She wobbily rose to her feet as fire brigades and other emergency vehicles popped up. In a daze, Arya staggered up to the edge of the boxes and looked down over the side. Nothing, but city below that shrank into darkness at the lowest visible area. She passed out from the smoke inhalation. Her clothes singed and stuck to her in places from the blasts. Gashes and smoke marks dotted areas of her body.

Hours later, Arya awoke in a sterile, white Coruscant hospital room in a sterile, white bed.
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