The Current year is 7 ABY

In a blistering attack Admiral Ackbar and the New Republic Forces have begun their assault upon the Core worlds with Coruscant as their final objective. The Empire have retaliated with a terrifying show of force even going so far as to unleash their devastating Super Star Destroyers against the attackers.
Liberty stands upon a knife edge, will the Legendary Admiral succeed or will the Empire deal the death blow it has been seeking for so many years?

Where there is strife and turmoil there are credits to be made and whispers in the criminal underworld tell of a shadowy organization controlled by the illusive and unforgiving Red Queen. Her lust for riches knowns no bounds and already she has made powerful and deadly enemies.
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Corellian Sunrise [Kira]

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Corellian Sunrise [Kira]

Post  Tethis Aresis on 17th December 2012, 14:52

Once again Tethis was out and about, attempting to put together what he needed to make some serious progress on his journey to founding the Jedi Order. A few underworld connections already established were going to be his ticket to a ship and a crew; he'd arranged to meet both the leader of the crew and the vessel itself near Corellia. First he had to do one thing to get it: trade them an artifact or two that would be worth plenty for the right to access the ship. A crew would come with it that would in fact follow orders... if they could generate more money somehow. The crew thing was temporary. Someone was going to have to make money out of this endeavour to make it happen permanently, but that bridge would be crossed eventually.

Tethis' current ship, the Rising Dawn, made its landing on Corellia, in Coronet City. Before he went out to get his ship, he wanted to restock and refill his supplies. Besides, something was just saying... go here. Find things. Clad in a simple long-sleeve tunic and pants, lightsabers concealed very well on his person, Tethis thought it best to practise more stealth, as usual. With the Force as his guide, he could explore the sights and sounds of Coronet City at his leisure.

Treasure Ship Row, the massive open-area market of the city, was a bustling hive of activity. Food, gifts... anything you could possibly want was here. Companionship, if you wanted to call it that, too - literally anything you could want, for the right price. Tethis picked himself up a muja fruit from a fruit stand, as he was always apt to do when he wanted a snack, enjoying the myriad sights he could see. He really did enjoy being in places like this - culture was so apparent in a market, the way people presented themselves. It was a good place to lose, or find, someone. Or something. Tethis could have easily lost himself in the Force here.

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