The Current year is 7 ABY

In a blistering attack Admiral Ackbar and the New Republic Forces have begun their assault upon the Core worlds with Coruscant as their final objective. The Empire have retaliated with a terrifying show of force even going so far as to unleash their devastating Super Star Destroyers against the attackers.
Liberty stands upon a knife edge, will the Legendary Admiral succeed or will the Empire deal the death blow it has been seeking for so many years?

Where there is strife and turmoil there are credits to be made and whispers in the criminal underworld tell of a shadowy organization controlled by the illusive and unforgiving Red Queen. Her lust for riches knowns no bounds and already she has made powerful and deadly enemies.
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A Night of Elegance

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A Night of Elegance

Post  Arya Cognito on 30th May 2014, 13:46

Streamlined, curved black space-fairing vehicle of elegance glided almost silently across the stars and down into the evening sky that engulfed Coronet, Corellia. Amber bubbles of a liquid libation ascended a singular fluted stemware vessel as it was lightly placed against maroon painted lips and was tilted horizontally slightly. The amber liquid slithered through and down the parched gullet of one, Arya Cognito. A black glove firmly grasped the flute as the brownish tan eyes remained fixated on the cityscape of Coronet growing larger out of the heavily tinted window.
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